Microsoft has killed off the Xbox Music name in its music and video apps for Windows, yesterday the company announced that they would be rebranding the entire service to Groove. Microsoft made a blog post regarding this change and the reason they came to this decision was because “Groove describes what people feel and do with music.”

Groove describes what people feel and do with music.

While there is no free streaming like you would expect on Pandora, or other radio services you are able to upload your own MP 3 files to Microsoft’s OneDrive and play them from the app for free on your Windows Devices (Xbox, Phones, etc). If you want to access the streaming service you are going to need to pay $9.99 a month or $99 a year for unlimited streaming.

Microsoft is also going to be rebranding Xbox Video to Movies & TV. Microsoft has had a rough time trying to get into the music streaming service with so many competitors such as Apple, Pandora, Spotify and more it’s extremely difficult for the companies to compete against these long time players. However, this move is still a smart one as Windows Media Center will no longer be available in Windows 10 but instead will seem to be offered as these new apps.

By removing the connection to Xbox Microsoft might be able to make the move to Windows 10 feel more natural and make all the apps work seamlessly across all devices.


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