Microsoft has recently changed the file size limit on both consumer and business level of OneDrive. This change comes after Microsoft increase the storage limit on OneDrive to be 15GB which is more than that of competitors like DropBox and Google Drive. This allows users to upload a larger file size to the cloud without having to either shrink it or compress the file.

This change comes with Microsoft trying to win over Google Drive users to move over to OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive already offers more storage space and this increase in the upload size will really be of assistance to enterprise users.

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Microsoft has been trying to get into the cloud computing market to surpass companies such as Google, and Amazon. The competition in the market is going to make it difficult for Microsoft to excel. Windows Azure is already falling behind in performance tests where Google shines however Microsoft comes with a strong infrastructure for their product it is just a matter of convincing companies to use because the scalability of it is quite limited.

Microsoft is making the right moves to improve their presence in the cloud computing market but as it stands it has a long way to go for it to be the top of the market. OneDrive is a good alternative to Google Drive with more storage space, and increased file size.


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