Microsoft has just released an advertisement in which Cortana suggests that Siri has made no improvements, but has only gotten bigger. Cortana believes that if Siri can give reminders based on calls, texts, or other forms of real-time communication than Siri is not worth of the title of assistant.

Microsoft in recent times has been published many advertisements that try to down play Siri. Microsoft is hoping that it will highlight Cortana however, it has been relentless in recent times attacking what ever device that it can get its hands on.

Microsoft is trying to be the platform of productivity one that is tied to business’ professionals’ and those who are constantly working on something. It designed the Surface for this intention and it wasn’t too successful. Microsoft is now working on the offensive trying to improve their public image by attacking their competition and while this may help accomplish their goal the fact remains that it is a rather child like act.

What are your thoughts on this move is Microsoft making the right move or is it over stepping its boundaries.


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