Anant Maheshwari, the Microsoft India President had spoken to reporters at a press conference in Hyderabad regarding Microsoft’s consumer plans in the country. He repeatedly said that operating systems are not important in today’s society. Instead, the president said that the company is now focusing on mobile apps and services first. Echoing the company’s new motto: “Mobile First, Cloud First.”.

According to him, Microsoft is looking to provide their services on virtually every platform, anywhere, available at any time. He mentioned about syncing the capabilities of the OneNote app as an example of where the company wants to go.

Microsoft a critical partner or player in the mobile revolution – Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India President.

He further discussed the Surface Phone, Xbox and Windows 10 S, and more on its Office 365 suite. In addition, he even added that Microsoft is dedicated to providing support on all these ecosystems.

When reporters on the scene questioned the president regarding the Surface Phone he did not rule out the possibility of having another phone in the lineup. Of course, this is to be expected from the company who has routinely tried and tried again to make some sort of dent in the smartphone market.

However, Microsoft scrapped their mobile phone division earlier this year, and since then the company has been very quiet about any possibility of a Surface Phone. While we don’t have many details with the recent shift of their Surface Tablet we can safely assume that if there is a Surface Phone in our future, Microsoft is going to focus it towards the enterprise and business market and not consumer-focus.


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