Microsoft has released three patches for Windows 10. These updates have solved a number of bugs and plugged some security holes in the operating system. However, Microsoft has not told us much about each update’s changes. Microsoft has released a lot of information about the security fixes, but there has been very little described their normal bug fixes.

I for one do not think this is the right way for Microsoft to approach their update process. Microsoft should be creating a clear explanation about the contents of their updates. This is new for Microsoft because in the past the software maker has released well written and in-depth change logs.

This is important especially when Microsoft releases a buggy patch and causes problems. However, Microsoft has shown that they will be updating the operating system quickly in the event of a buggy patch.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not seem to want to share these updates. A company representative told The Register that while the company “may choose” to perform additional promotion of new features depending on their significance, there’s no intention of providing full release notes.

This is not a major issue for most user’s however developers and power users are not going to like the lack of documentation. However, when you look at the AppStore and the apps being released by both Microsoft and other developers are very well documented with each of their updates.

While this should not affect most users it is still a strange and a poor choice on Microsoft’s side to stop releasing update notes.


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