Internet Explorer which is on a slow ride to being killed for good might have another nail in its coffin due to an update from Microsoft. Microsoft is going to be developing chrome-like extensions for its Edge Browser. The new browser which was brought in Windows 10 has had a new facelift, improved rendering speed, and more but it was lacking extensions.

Did you know there were add-ons for Internet Explorer? Probably not and that was the problem with it. Internet Explorer didn’t have anything useful as far as extensions went, and was mostly cluttered with toolbars. However, it seems that Microsoft is making a push to enter the extension market and has released three new extensions for its browser.

The company will offer three extensions on the Edge Browser in its initial stage to test the environment and user experience. These three extension are Microsoft Translator, Reddit Extension, and Mouse Gestures. There are a couple more extensions planned out including LastPass, Adblock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, Evernote, and more. Each extension can be installed with the video instructions above.

Jabob Rossi, an engineer at Microsoft Edge team with a series of tweets confirms the development and previews of extensions are available on Windows blog.

The most interesting part of this experiment is that Microsoft is going to be developing a tool to port Google Chrome Extensions over to Edge. It’s also odd that there was no note on Microsoft producing a tool for FireFox extensions but there might be more information released at the 2016 Web Summit.

If you want to download and monitor the extensions you can visit the Microsoft Edge Dev Extensions Page and download each of the extensions you want to use. Maybe in the future we will see a similar AppStore for Edge as we do Google Chrome and FireFox but as it stands this is a new direction for Microsoft and we will have to see where it is headed.


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