Microsoft will be delaying its regular Patch Tuesday round of security fixes this month. The software giant is blaming a “last minute issue” for the delay and now plans to release the next round of of patches on March 14th. This puts the updates back by an entire month which complicates matters.

Microsoft was expected to release a patch for a zero-day flaw in the operating system’s file sharing protocol “SMB” but now those patches will be delayed until March 14th.

This month long delay is unprecedented as its rare for Microsoft to delay even individual patches let alone the entire Patch Tuesday release. Microsoft moved to the regular monthly release cycle in October of 2003 citing a reduction of cost and to improve the ability for system admins to work on a regular schedule for testing and deployment.

Microsoft has not given an exact reason as to why this month’s release was delayed but only that the company discovered “a last minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today.” as it stands the company is not providing any additional information.

One potential reason for the delay though is because Microsoft is being very conservative and taking things slow with it’s latest operating system. In recent years with the companies fast changing OS from Windows 7 to 8 then Windows 10 coming into the picture the company needs to regain consumer confidence. Messing up a Patch Tuesday release for its new Windows 10 operating system could prove to be PR suicide on the company and could affect sales of their new OS.


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