Microsoft has yet again released information about their products. Remember when Microsoft accidentally released information pertaining to their Surface Pro 3? It would appear that this time Microsoft China has teased at the release of Windows 9 by posting on the companies Weibo Page. Weibo is a chinese social networking website that is quite popular and is used by many large-scale companies such as Microsoft. However, this time it may have been a mistake as they have teased the release of the long-awaited Windows 9.

There was a question posted on the page, and when translated it asks

“Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a comeback?”

This has been removed from the companies Weibo page, but it was discovered and screen shotted by our friends over at This means that we are getting much closer to the release of Windows 9 and some people are speculating the release of Windows 9 developer preview to be early October. This has not been confirmed nor has there been any information relating to the release date from Microsoft. However, with this information being leaked we can safely say that the announcement of Windows 9 is to be rather soon or the company would have had no reason to bring it up.

There is also expected to be the return of the start button which people have been complaining for ever since the release of Windows 8 and Windows 9 is expected to be more suitable to PC and Tablet users by being similar yet different for both version of the OS. This will please all users as the operating system will be adjusting for all crowds and bring back the life and feel of Windows 7.

What feature would you want most in Windows 9 and what do you think the newest iteration of Windows should include. Let us know in the comments.


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