has revamped its entire website and is going to release new features to its publishers fairly soon. This comes after a closed beta testing where select publishers were allowed to use Rich Media advertisements. has now revamped the website as it prepares to launch the new features for everyone. has been under criticism by publishers for quite some time now as the network had such a large size but only offered a CPC model. Now it is finally going to quell the issues that many publishers are having the question is whether or not it is going to help. Adsense the king of display advertising continues to grow as other networks continue to struggle some niche market advertising networks perform very well but this service is the combined efforts of the Yahoo-Bing Alliance.  It seems to be too little too late, but that is not the main problem the problem comes from how they are going to set up these advertisements.

There is little information outside of the few lucky beta testers about these advertisements on the website homepage, you are able to see that the advertisements are either a banner, text, or sponsored links. Most networks let you choose the type of advertisements that you are going to show or have a mixture. If this is true how does determine what to show? There are questions surrounding the latest update also regarding as to when publishers are going to have access to these features.

There have been zero changes to my administration board, there are no new ad formats, everything is the same. All that we have been shown is what is to come, or is it already here? has no real communication skills with its publishers they don’t have a blog and the only real communication you get is an auto generated response from your account manager. Even when I went to contact my account manager I never received a response, this only goes to show that just because you have a large service doesn’t mean you are one of the best.


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