McDonald’s New Ad Wants You To Google Coke


Fast food companies have been acting quite bizarre last week Burger King thought it would be funny to set off Google Home devices by saying “OK Google” during an advertisement.

Now McDonald’s released an advertisement featuring Mindy Kaling. The advertisement doesn’t mention McDonald’s at all but you know who it’s for as the background is all red and Ms. Kaling is dressed in a yellow dress. Which is quite considerate as they could have put her in a clown suit to really send the message home.

The message of the advertisement is telling viewers to google “the place where Coke tastes so good.” Which is quite bizarre as Coke tastes good everywhere, and when you search for that exact phrase all you get is more commentary on this advertisement.

It’s not clear if the intent was for McDonald’s website to appear or if it was meant to get you stuck in an infinite loop of watching this bizarre advertisement.

Kaling herself played along with the attempt at humor. “I partnered with a brand w/o being able to say the name of the brand. Is that normal? If so, can I be paid in fries?,” she tweeted. She also linked to another ad in this series, featuring a so-called beverage technician.

It’s quite strange to see a company advertising its own business through a product that is not its own business.


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