GameStop which is famous for giving poor deals on your trade-ins and annoying many users for their game selection is now a bank! Okay, not really but this man has found a clever way to use it as a banking system and gets a large amount of Game Informer magazines as well.

His strategy is rather simple, he just preorders a lot of games and then when he wants to make a withdraw he cancels his order and gets all of his money back. This system is so odd and out-of-place it makes some people wonder why he does it. In his post on the popular messaging board 4chan he tells us exactly why he states that because the lines are shorter and since he can still get his money back he has no real loss and everything to gain as far as time. While his points are all true and he will legally get his money back the idea is so strange and out there that it makes you wonder what if something goes wrong.

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