Windows may rule desktop computing, but it is losing traction when it comes to enterprise servers and cloud computing. A new report has been released by User Trends showing that Linux is growing on the enterprise level while Windows continues to fall.

Linux is growing when it comes to servers while competition such as Windows and Unix are falling. In fact, this trend has happened over the last four years. In this short time period, Linux deployment has increased by 14% while Windows has decreased by 9%.

Linux Is Dominating the Cloud

The fact is the giant shift to cloud computing has given people a choice Linux or Windows and more of them are switching to Linux. About 75% of enterprises report that they are using Linux on their servers while Windows and Unix are 23% and 2% respectively.

Linux Dominates Because Users Expect It To Be More Secure

While Linux has had reports of vulnerabilities and security holes in recent times users feel that it is more secure than that of Windows. Not only is it safer, it is also cheaper, and it is more compatible with the tools these companies are using. Due to the wide-spread use of Linux servers there are more tools that are compatible with it which is becoming a huge incentive for new companies to use Linux.

Linux Talent Still Scarce

While there is a huge growth in the use of Linux there is very few people who are skilled in knowing how to handle it. Linux has always been hailed as the most difficult operating system and it is a huge turn off for users to learn how to use it. They are not wrong, Linux is difficult to those who have never experienced it much like a new phone can be to your friends or family members. If you work at it you will figure it out but the huge turn off from Linux is still the major problem. With the new Linux certification programs, hopefully, there will be some incentive for users to learn how to properly handle Linux machines and then there will not be such strict competition to find talent.

For anyone who has taken the certification tests and managed to pass them you are in a keen position with these new trends if you are looking to manage heavy servers with little to no space in a cold room congratulations you will have no hard time getting a job. (joke)


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