LG has recently revealed some details about what to expect at CES 2018. The company alongside its common sound bars, portable speakers, are going to include a new LG ThinQ speaker that is going to be compatible with Google Assistant.

LG is certainly not the first company to apply Google Assistant integration in its own products. Companies such as Anker and Panasonic have had this for quite a while but LG is one of the larger players in both the home audio and smart device market. This shift means that we can likely expect other devices in the future from the company to support Google Assistant.

LG has also mentioned that this is just a step in a new direction where the company is going to build out more smart home connective devices.

It also seems that LG is very proud of its collaboration with Meridian Audio as it believes it’s going to offer a higher quality speaker and audio devices compared to its competitors (while not naming any we believe the primary focus will be Panasonic and Google).

I am glad to see that LG is finally trying to shift its focus to the smartphone market as its something that seems to be significantly lacking in terms of quality competition. While the major players including Apple, Samsung and Google are all trying to get into the market the lower end smart home market is filled with a bunch of sub-par speakers and “smart home” devices.

It’s a welcome sight to see that the company intends to also improves its current speakers including their portable PK Bluetooth speaker as it is also going to be tuned by Meridian Audio and will be powered by Qualcomm’s APtX HD codec.

There are no pricing details yet of the new speakers or products but we should expect to hear them at CES 2018 (January 8th – January 12th).


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