LG said back in 2017 that it wants to cover and dominate the mobile payments space and thus came up with the LG Pay app for its LG G6 phone back in June. Today the company released possibly by mistake a new LG Wallet app on the Google Play Store.

To start the app now goes by LG Wallet, however, the boot animation, icon, and FAB display the name LG Pay which means the company might be rebranding their mobile payment processing app. This is a good change as the company would fall in line with other tech giants and focusing more on the action implied by the word. However, the app doesn’t work which is what leads everyone to believe this was a mistake.

The app listing states that the app is compatible with the LG G7 which is very impressive as the phone isn’t even out yet. In fact, reports state the next version of the popular line isn’t even going to be called the G7 but this app build would have you believe otherwise. I would believe that the next version would be the G7 especially since someone dropped the ball on the app updates.

There are a few non-LG smartphones that the app is set to be working in: Nexus 6, Nextbit Robin, Google Pixel XL, and a few OnePlus devices., the app was tested and the results were not positive. In the phones LG V30 and Pixel XL phones, the app gets launched, requests permissions, and even plays a Korean intro video, but then freezes!

The app will certainly be compatible with the G7 but since we don’t have a release date or even proper announcement we have a long time to wait for that. Furthermore, there are obvious grammatical errors and spelling mistakes throughout the app probably through translation even in the app description. This means that this update was not pushed by those who are in charge of U.S release but instead was likely done back home in South Korea.

Those who are curious can go ahead and download the app but be prepared for a lot of interesting bugs!


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