While we are quite familiar with HDR and 4K screens and they have become very common in many users homes. Because of this LG decided to push it to 8K and then said let’s make it absurdly large. In addition, the company decided to use their OLED technology and push it to the 8K screen. The company has now revealed the worlds first 88-inch 8K OLED display and has done so before CES 2018. There are no public specifications as of yet but as of now, this makes the screen the largest and high-resolution OLED created to date. The current largest OLED screen is 4K at a mere 77-inches.

Many companies including LG, Sony, and Panasonic currently offer the 4K 77-inch display. However, they depend on LG for the OLED panels for their displays.

LG’s rival Samsung Display has shown increased interest in QLED which means we can expect LG to dominate the large screen OLED market. LG is rapidly gaining popularity in the display industry and is of major concern to Samsung who currently dominates the industry. LG is not going to disappoint this year at CES and we can expect more information on this new display from the company.

LG is trying to solidify its self as the dominant in the market of both TV OLED and mobile OLED displays and it looks like its rival, Samsung, has no other option but to either innovate quickly or be left in the dust. Samsung Display is well established though in that mobile OLED panel market. LG Display is also looking forward to establishing a new plant outside of Korea. This plant in Guangzhou city, China will be their first expansion outside Korea. The South Korean government has recently approved the new plant as well.


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