Lavasoft the creators of Adaware have announced that they are discontinuing their Adaware 8-10 series and are urging that everyone updates to the newest version Adaware 11 or else they will be left unprotected come June this year. Lavasoft has given no date as of now on but we do know that they announced via Facebook that


“Ad-Aware versions 8, 9 & 10 will be discontinued in June 2014. Don’t be left without protection, update now to the latest version of Ad-Aware 11!”


Lavasoft is urging that all of its current users update to the newest version, if you have purchased an older version and still have time left on the key the update should still be included and if you are using and older free version of the software than update it to gain the newer features and to keep yourself protected. This move is coming after a change in the program over recent years and they no longer wish to support the outdated versions of their software. Using these older versions are leaving people with outdated signatures, outdated practices, and slower machines. The new Adaware is much faster, a lot smarter, and a lot larger in terms of database and signatures than its earlier versions. Lavasoft remains as one of the largest antivirus companies on the market and it still offers an award-winning antivirus that has some fight into it.


To download the most recent version of Adaware click here.


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