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Kontera Review

Kontera Review

Kontera is an advertising network that specializes in In-Text or inline advertisements. They have been in the advertising business for a long time and was in the game before popular competitor Infolinks. In 2011, Kontera launched a new feature that uses what they call a semantic search engine which is being used to assess and understand user interest based on the content they are reading.

Kontera has a very powerful keyword tool that allows it to pick the optimal keywords for each article. They are better than both Infolinks and Chitika in this regard but after that it goes downhill. While it will increase the CTR most of your revenue is typically from CPM which while it seems odd is actually a very strong tool. Keep in mind users see a link hover over it and they will see the advertisement which reduces “banner blindness.”

Kontera does it make it easier to increase your revenue by telling it to block certain keywords while Infolinks requires you to contact their support and have them do it. Some publishers have managed to increase their earnings by 50% just by playing with the keywords. Keep in mind that due to the nature of these types of networks your revenue will fluctuate greatly. Some days you will generate a considerable amount while the next you can generate very little it is all based on the habits of your users.

Kontera is cross-platform and supports all of the major blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal making it very easy to integrate into your website. You are paid on a NET 30 basis, and there are no requirements to get into Kontera except no questionable content.

Kontera Optimization Tips

Kontera is an advertising network that focuses on text therefore it is best to choose your keywords carefully reduce clutter words such as (biggest, great, amazing, etc) these words target low quality advertisements that have little engagement. Another thing to keep in mind is to match the link colors with the type you have on your websites. This way it doesn’t draw too much attention to it. Also remove the double underline and instead choose a dotted line underneath.


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