Kaspersky mobile security is an antivirus apps that has a powerful antivirus engine and has all of the features that you need for an antivirus app. The only thing that might set you off is the 15 – 20 dollar price tag. However with it being a one time purchase you will save money as apposed to other antivirus apps.


Web Protection: Kaspersky has one of the best antivirus engines around scoring 100% on the latest AV-Test they have also done consistently well and are one of the top competitors in the industry. from my experience their web protection is second best, and is only barely beaten out by Bitdefender. These two companies have the best web protection and Kaspersky was able to show this even in their mobile app.

Antivirus: While the antivirus is not very different then other apps, you will be more secure using Kaspersky rather than some unknown antivirus app. Not only does this app come with the basic features Kaspersky implemented a password so that  Kaspersky will not be harmed by any other apps or from you.

Anti-theft Protection: When it comes to Anti-theft the results and the tracking that you receive from Kaspersky are hard to beat. While it is not the best that I have seen I feel that it is one of the top 5 for anti-theft apps.

Call & SMS Filtering: Kaspersky gives all users the ability to block calls and texts based on the number. While this is not the best way to filter out messages it is still the most effective way to filter out these spam messages. While the carrier already does this, you might want to use this to block someone who you don’t want to contact you. This is the main thing that Kaspersky needs to work on.

Privacy Protection: Kaspersky has one of the best Privacy protection features of all Android Antivirus apps and this is because it is so simple. It is also so effective because of the ability to hide certain numbers from your contacts list so that only you can see them. You will want to use this if you don’t want your friends or anyone else reading certain messages that you are sending. You might also use this for a business sense were you and your boss are sending important information via SMS so you will want to prevent anyone that should not be reading it from reading it.

Summary: If you are looking for a paid antivirus app for your Android device then Kaspersky is hard to beat. The app comes with all of the features that you need from an antivirus app, and it is one of the most powerful antivirus engines on the market. The engine coupled with the very nice privacy features than Kaspersky mobile is one of the best paid antivirus apps on the market.


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