Jumpshot is a little program that was funded through kick starter with a very simple idea. The idea was to create an all in one fix it tool for your computer. Jumpshot was able to do it, and they did it in a friendly fashion. Jumpshot uses these cartoon characters to explain what the program does. Lets take a look at the inner workings of the program known as Jumpshot.


  • Kills Malware. Jumpshot has it’s own malware removal tool.
  • Deletes Junk Files. Jumpshot it able to remove useless files that are stuck on your computer.
  • Check For Windows Updates. Jumpshot compares your computer’s updates to that publicly released by Microsoft.
  • Detects failing Hardware. Jumpshot will check your computer for windows errors and warn you about them to prevent data loss.
  • Fixes startup. Jumpshot will check your computer for start up items that take abnormally long time and either disable them or place them on delay.
You can see more information about Jumpshots’ features here. http://www.jumpshot.com/
My Experience
When I downloaded Jumpshot I gave the program 3 tries to work without using their simple UI version. Jumpshot failed to clean my computer after all 3 tests. I then proceeded to use their Simple UI, and it hang after three more tests. I gave Jumpshot 5 minutes, and it froze at the same point, now unless the program takes more than 5 minutes to start the cleaning process, then they need to work on that. However it didn’t work because everytime Jumpshot told me that they were unable to clean my computer and asked to restart the process. This program sounds great on pen and paper, but if it fails after 6 different tests, then there is something fundamentally wrong. Maybe the program is not fully windows 8 compatible. Maybe the program is broken. I don’t know the source of the problem, but there is a problem that needs to be sorted out.
Issues To Be Fixed
  • Fix start up issues.
  • Allow the users to control what is being fixed.


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