There is a growing misconception regarding Jetpack many users refuse to use it because they think that it is going to severely hurt their load time. Actually in many cases, Jetpack increases your load time so long as you remember to activate tools such as Photon which will increase your load time greatly. However, if you go in and activate every single item then you will suffer because that is not what Jetpack was made for.

Jetpack works with modules that are either enabled or disabled, while the disabled ones take space on your server they are not loaded with your browser, and therefore they are not hurting your load time. In fact, many of the times Jetpack items such as the share buttons load faster than other alternatives such as Shareholic because they are served locally.

Another misconception is that Jetpack forces you to use certain modules. Jetpack does enable some recommended features when you first install it, but you are free to disable and enable any of the modules. You are able to disable all modules or enable all of them if you wish there are no restrictions with the plugin.

The largest misconception is that Jetpack severely impacts the performance of your administration menu. Every plugin that is loaded onto WordPress has a menu that adds some CSS and JS to your administration menu. However, WordPress leaves no way to optimize this, so you are going to face minor to major performance issues with every plugin that you enable.

For instance, Premium SEO Pack hurt the load time of the administration menu so badly that I had my menu freeze when trying to publish any post. However, with Jetpack I notice very little to no real impact from the plugin because it made to load quickly as opposed to other third-party plugins. In fact, Jetpack has been used to improve the load time of my websites time and time again because of how powerful it is and it makes my job as a webmaster much easier.

While Jetpack is not the type of plugin that you should use every feature, but it is something that when you need a little extra functionality or a nice feature added it makes for a great plugin.

  • I recommend using the following items from Jetpack.
  • Photon
  • Spell Check
  • Icon (if your theme doesn’t have it built-in)
  • Markdown


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