Automattic has been making a push to use JavaScript into its various products. Late 2015 the company released Calypso which was powered by React.js and the WordPress REST API. It was built to allow you to control your website(s) from your computer whether you are on Windows, MAC, or Linux-based machine.

The company has now made an announcement in regards to the next release of Jetpack the admin interface has been entirely rewritten from the ground up and is powered by React.js. Automattic engineers and designers have spent thousands of hours in development and the next update is not too far away.

Because this update is one of the first of its kind the Jetpack team is encouraging both plugin and theme developers (and hosting providers) to test the beta version of its products to ensure compatibility before it is released.

If you are looking to become a beta tester you can sign up for it via the Jetpack website.


The new interface does look very slick and has a flat design but this is also an issue. Jetpack has a modern interface while the rest of the WordPress admin panel tends to have an older look to it, therefore, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe in future releases, we will see a rebuilt or improved style for the WordPress admin panel which while has been improved has had the same basic interface for years and it no longer has the modern interface that it once had.


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