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Jarida Theme Review

Jarida Theme Review

Jarida is a magazine style WordPress theme with a simple design, and a drag and drop builder that makes it simple to design the optimal layout for your website. While it is not as intuitive as a visual composer theme it easier to create.

Unlike its cousin theme Sahifa, it lacks a cleaner looking layout due to the color scheme and the limited options that you do have. While this is not meant to discourage the users, most news based websites will opt to use lighter colors to help focus on the content and it makes it easier to read. While the theme is in no way bad because of the contrasting colors it would look better if there were lighter colors used as opposed to the dark and gloomy look.

Jarida Page Speed Score

Jarida scores a solid 97% on the page speed test, but it misses out on CSS sprites. The arrows and stars are not loaded from a CSS sprite which are generating additional requests that are not needed.

It also manages to lose out on the logo because it does not properly set an image dimension requiring the browser to assume it based on the image size. It would improve the load time if it were optimized to load this with the specified image dimensions.

Jarida Y Slow Grade

This demo has not set up properly configured tags by a plugin and therefore all caching, CDN, requests, and expires headers will be neglected from the score.

However, the theme does manage to produce a large amount of DOM elements. DOM is quite common with complex expressions as you use a new Div class with each new element and this theme is by no standard simple. While DOM elements are not much to worry about and should be one of the last things considered while optimizing your website you can always improve by using fewer class attributes.

Features That Come With Jarida

Jarida has quite a few interesting features that you read about on the product page, but the important ones are those that add functionality to the website (BBPress, etc).

Jarida supports the following major WordPress plugins.

  • BuddyPress
  • BBPress
  • Woocommerce
  • WPML

However, Jarida does not have a custom style for any of the following items that it supports. Custom styling would be preferable as it does make your website stand out from the millions that are using these plugins.

SEO Optimized?

Jarida is optimized for SEO to a certain standard. While it does support Breadcrumbs and Ratings, it does not have the level of Schema markup that we have seen in other themes. Most notably NewsMag which sold several thousands of dollars worth of product in a few days. It does, however, support all the basic Schema markup that a website needs. Remember when it comes to Schema the more that you have the better off that you will be because the more that is there the more information that a crawler can gather about your website.


Without a doubt, Jarida is an excellent WordPress theme that is great for a novice user. If you are looking for a theme with all the basic WordPress necessities, that is SEO optimized and requires little technical know how, then Jarida might be worth looking into.



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