The temporary cease-fire from between Israel and Gaza is set to expire tonight at midnight. A longer lasting solution to the problem is still being discussed and talked about and will continue to be talked about when israeli and Palestinian officials meet in Cairo today. There is no clear sign of a deal either way as of yet as  no side is making a clear sign of what they want to do.

Egypt is pressing that the cease-fire is extended until a more long-term solution can be worked out but there is no information on whether it is being considered or not. The situation is very delicate and tensions are high talks between israeli and Palestinian officials are only spoke by Egyptian messengers as neither party is speaking directly to one another. This makes the situation much more delicate but there are questions remaining what do they want?

Gaza is wanting an end of Israel’s economic blockade, extended fishing ports, reopening of an airport as well as a sea port, and for prisoners in Israel to be released. On the other side Israel wants Hamas to drop their weapons and for Gaza to be demilitarized.

The fight has been long and brutal for Hamas as hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced (fled, ran, or seeked refuge somewhere else) is making the situation very deadly for Gaza. It is estimated approximately 1,900 people have been killed most being civilians.

The cease-fire should be continued for the safety of the citizens of both nations however, we are not sure whether or not the officials will agree on this making the situation riskier for both sides.

What are your thoughts on the conflict should they end the fighting with no strings attached? Should the cease-fire be restated what should be done to protect the israeli and Palestinian people.


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