IObit has made major changes to its latest version of its popular program IObit Uninstaller. This update includes a new user interface, new tools, better cleaning and more options to help clean even more junk from your computer than ever before. However, the program is not perfect and there are quite a few bad things regarding the latest update.

Latest Features

  • New User Interface
  • Remove programs based on whether they launch on startup.
  • Remove programs by their process name.
  • Remove Windows Updates is now easier than ever before.
  • Remove invalid shortcuts, windows update patch cache, and clean the downloads folder.

Hands-On Experience


IOBit’s latest version shows that its trying to make some of its older programs catch up with the latest appearance and style that they have been implementing with their programs for quite some time now. While the features are very useful I sometimes find myself deleting everything from the downloads folder on accident and there is no way to exclude a certain folder from being deleted. My only option is to move that folder or all the contents into that folder and move them elsewhere. However, keeping them in another folder is the optimal choice for just general organization.

I feel like that the uninstaller is detracting from its original purpose as it was supposed to offer functionality that Advanced SystemCare didn’t but this update and the new features make it feel like is is becoming that very same program with an extra button for common windows tools that no one who uses this kind of software is likely going to use.

What I would like to see

I would like to see more automatic uninstallation. While they support their own programs and some third party programs it is nice when you are removing several programs for it to be all automatic as it means you can work on other things in the background.

I would also like to see some of the brand new features included moved into Advanced Systemcare as a toolbox item or part of the main scan and removed from the uninstaller.



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