The internet has many dangers whether it is government spying, malware, or just your everyday hacker there is always some sort of threat. Malware is being created at an all time high rate and more and more websites are becoming vulnerable to the most basic attacks, this is because many websites are built using old and out dated standards and then there are plenty using systems like WordPress but they never bother to update it leaving it vulnerable to old exploits as well as new ones. That is because those websites are using old plug-ins that may no longer work on the most recent version of WordPress.


Many websites lack basic security features such as login lock down, IP blocking, and even hiding the version of WordPress they are using so bots can’t detect it. The more vulnerable a website is the more likely it is to be hacked and the more likely it is to give you a malicious file. Most infected websites are trusted websites that have been hacked and then distribute malware without the owner’s knowledge which is why webmasters need to take an initiative to prevent hackers from getting into their site by using simple methods to prevent their users from becoming infected.


However at the same time it is not only the webmasters fault, website visitors leave themselves vulnerable by not using a proper anti-virus and in some cases they don’t use one at all which is why companies like Microsoft are distributing their anti-virus installed onto computers to try to protect their consumers from the threats that they face. The internet is becoming more and more dangerous and users need to take proper steps to protect themselves.


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