Intel, one of the largest PC manufacturing companies in the world, is trying to find a way to rid the need for PC cables by the year 2016. Intel has shown off laptops that are going to have wireless charging, the speed of WiFi is increasing every year and at the rate there is going to be no need for cables. Intel wants to completely rid the need for them by the year 2016.

Keep in mind you still will have a charging plate or some sort of device that allows you to set your laptop on it and your device will begin charging. This works by two plates one on the laptop and one on the charging device. Think of a plug there is a positive and a negative side why it has two prongs. The principle is similar to the plate system you have a device that acts as the prongs and it can be rested on and then your laptop will pick the energy up and store it into the battery. This is not a completely wireless solution because you can’t send energy over a WiFi connection to charge your device that is a little out of our reach for now.

Intel’s Code Named Skylake Project

Skylake is the code name is the name for their post generation Broadwell devices which is going to be Skylake. These PCs are going to be wireless and are going to be quiet unique to the market when they come out. The issue will be the selling point and the price. A computer without the need for a charging cord is amazing but how will that justify the potential cost. Intel has not given any numbers on the cost of their devices but they did have a picture of some of their hardware or design ideas.

rezenence-radioAs you can see this is a radio that is charging a phone on top using the plate system. The metal on top acts as a charging port and the phone picks it up and stores the power in its battery. Just remember to not throw your alarm at the wall in the morning and you should be fine. Also we don’t recommend slamming your fist onto the radio to turn it off. However, this is something even I would use because at night who falls asleep with their phone most of us do. Then we wake up on low, and are like should have put it on the charger well now we will be able to place it onto our radio/clock instead of getting out of bed and putting it on the charger. Also you will no longer have to worry about the charger coming unplugged in the middle of the night. This is a solution that we should all be praising because it will not only make our lives easier we wont have to keep buying new radios or clocks. Now you will buy a new more expensive clock and a new phone.


Are you interested in a completely wireless PC? Would you buy one of these radios and smash two things at the same time?


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