Intel looks to have come up with another Core I7 processor to list on its official website the Core i7-8809G CPU. It is listed under the section ‘Unlocked Processors’ on the site.

The Core i7-8809G CPU is the most notable in the list as it was developed with collaboration with AMD. It is a quad-core processor with a max TDP (thermal design power) of 100W for both CPU & GPU. It comes packing the AMD RX Vega graphics card, & the Intel Processor is listed next to the Lake-S and Core-X series.

The other two Core I7 processors of Intel are the i7-8705G and i7-8706G CPU. All three of the I7 processors make active use of the Vega Compute units and are an interesting shakeup from the chip maker. However the direct link to the newly listed processor, the Intel Core i7-8809G is found broken on the official website.

According to experts, we should not expect much focus on the Intel-AMD collaboration as there is not much evidence for a long-term partnership as there are other more prominent partners that Intel could partner within this space.

What are your thoughts on this interesting shake-up from the chipmaker and what would you like to see in the future from the company?


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