Infolinks has long been known as one of the best advertising networks in the market, not because of its high rates but because it has unique ad formats that don’t suffer from banner blindness. In addition to the high CPM, Infolinks is always trying to innovate so that way it can generate the most revenue for both its publishers and for the company as well.

Now it appears that Infolinks is creating a new advertisement format that it is calling Inscreen. There is a demo for the new format that Infolinks has uploaded to their YouTube channel.

While this only gives you a beta of what it will look like on your mobile device it essentially works the same way on your computer as well. This form of advertisement is known as an interstitial unit and it works by covering the screen in a closable advertisement that is meant to load before the page.

Inscreen works the same way, but it has a few minor differences, you are able to load it on the initial load to your website (meaning the first time the user lands on your page from Google), when they click an internal link on your website (a user follows a link to another post will be shown another advertisement) and finally when they are exiting the page. I recommend only using the entrance or exit advertisement that way you are not annoying your users.

If you have been selected to try the beta you should have received an email from Infolinks and if you have not enabled it I recommend experimenting with it and if you have not read our review of Infolinks make sure to check it out and see why you should start using it.


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