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Infolinks Review

Infolinks Review

Infolinks is a very popular advertising network that works different from most. It works by placing links inside the content that your readers are reading and as they hover over them they are displayed an advertisement. The ads pay not only for clicks, but they also can pay you just for your visitors seeing them. Infolinks can be compared to networks such as Kontera, and Chitika but it offers more than just in text advertisements you get four unique advertising units that are hard to find elsewhere.

Adnetwork Overview

  • Support both CPC and CPM.
  • Pays on a net 30 basis.
  • No traffic requirements for signup.
  • 100% fill rate.

Advertisement Styles

Intext: This unit will show ads as links within your content that display and advertisement whenever they are hovered over. This can greatly increase your revenue as your users are there to read your content and are likely going to click on the links. Make sure that the links match the color of your normal links or else it will decrease the click-through rate.

Infold: This ad unit will display an advertisement at the bottom of your user’s screen that will follow them until they close it. The best part is that the ad unit does not display fully until the user hovers over it then it will pop-up a little and when the users moves off it will recede back.

Intag: This ad unit is noting special or unique, but it works on the same principle as Intext. The advertisement will show a bunch of links in 1-2 rows and when the user hovers over them you are paid. This advertisement is best served above or after an article, you may also try showing it in places where you would place a normal Adsense link unit and see which performs better.

Inframe: This advertisement unit displays an ad in the remainder of your background space. When you have a website that is boxed much like this one you will have room for a background color, image, or whatever you feel. With Infolinks you are shown to ad units that will cover that space so that you have no unsold space on your website.

While there is a few unique advertisement styles that are unique to Infolinks the downside is that they are all very poor. These advertisement units are not always the best as there is no way to configure what word they are targeting and they can come across as spammy to your users. The only real advertisement units that I agree with using are the Intext units and that is in a limited amount. Not only are they limited it is best if you configure the script to only load them within your article and not on a random widget that you have laying on your side bar.

Personal Thoughts

Infolinks is a wonderful advertisement service it has a great selection of advertising units and most websites should be using a form of Intext advertisement by now. The only issue is that the network has a poor reputation due to users using it in a spammy way that is not only harmful to their own website, but it is harmful to the name of Infolinks.


If you are planning on using Infolinks then keep in mind that you need to limit how many advertisement you are showing don’t use too many Intext ads, only show them within your articles, and avoid the other three advertising units. If you use them your website will quickly gain a bad reputation.



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