When it comes to wanting to increase your website followers you want to have the most amount that you can get and doing it the traditional way through an RSS feed is not going to cut it in this changing world. You need to get yourself on social networks sites such as Facebook and Twitter but you need to take it a step further you need to get ways for them to subscribe to your website and that is where the widgets come in.


You can use widgets such as Addthis to gain followers quickly and for some social media sites. However, Addthis does not come with every social media network as a follow option so what do you do? You can do a number of interesting things to get followers on the little guys in the Social Networking game.



Create Custom Social Media Buttons

This is one where you take a simple image of a social media so grab a 32×32 icon of the Facebook icon and use it as a link to your page so they will follow you. However this method may not look the best and it is not a quick process. You can try to find custom widgets for this that use JavaScript however these can cause a lot of hang time if done improperly. Using CSS sprites for these images is your best bet to cut the hang time.



Create A Follow Page To Increase Followers On Various Sites

This is another method to get followers and it is to create a whole separate page on your website based around where users can follow you however, this is not going to be in their face all the time and it will look clunky if designed incorrectly. What the page should include is an image of the page, a title of the social network, and a description of what the page they are subscribing to offers. Dont just sit on these sites sending out content like it’s an RSS feed some people are into that but you need to be more creative if you want people to follow you on these various sites as opposed to just subscribing to your RSS. RSS feeds are still very prominent but they are not commonly used unless a user has instructions on how to set it up. Using an RSS though is an amazing way to get more views for your content. You can have all of your social networks here, your various RSS feeds and your newsletters can be here or on a separate page. The main thing is the page needs to look clean and be accessible.



A Combination Of The Two?

This is where you will create a widget with your most prominent forms of subscription Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS or Newsletter. Then you will have a link leading to this page here and in your navigation and this will get the attention of your most prominent networks and will include a link to draw attention to the other options that they have to subscribe to you. This is imperative to still have the attention of your other networks also remember that including links to them in your Author box, Using Addthis Pro, or other following tools to get the networks out there is very important.


Just remember that using proper follow tools and proper techniques to get your website followers increased.


Format Of A Followers Page



____ (line or break)


Image    Explanation




Continue with other social networks.


Remember to keep your images the same size. Keep your description length within the size of the picture so that way the text does not wrap around it. Have the image linked to the page they are subscribing to and make sure that you are keeping this updated as you add more networks or remove one. While getting more followers for your website is not easy it is a crucial step in increasing website and overall revenue. If you are struggling to get more followers try removing a social media site or just switch up what you are sharing. Different websites contain different followers and you need to accommodate for them not the other way around.


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