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iMessage Out Of Order Messages Bug Plagues IOS 11

iMessage Out Of Order Messages Bug Plagues IOS 11

IOS 11.2 and 11.2.1 has been plagued by an issue reported by many users where messages through iMessage are appearing in the incorrect order. Meaning that users are getting the messages sent to them in an order that does make logical or chronological sense.

There have been hundreds of complaints across Reddit, the Apple help forum and more. Many of them contain interesting screenshots of text messages where the messages are listed in an order that does not make sense and does not follow a natural order.

iMessage Bug

The most annoying issue related to this bug is the fact that it is happening all the time for all the affected users. Some users have even threatened to swap to Android due to the poor experience since iOS 11 was released.

The good news is that the issue is not directly related to IOS 11.2 because the same issues were occurring in old versions of IOS. The bad news is the issue has been present for a while and currently is not patched in either IOS 11.2 or 11.2.1 meaning if you are affected by this you’re going to have to wait for Apple to release an update.

Apple has not made a public comment regarding the issue but we hope to have a resolution in the coming days if at all possible as we are sure the company is more than aware of the current issue.


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