HTC has come up with a teaser for its new 4K Vive VR headset ahead of its official announcement at CES 2018. The company released the teaser on its official Twitter account and the company is expected to showcase the new headset come CES 2018. The headset is expected to support 4K visuals with its 2 x1080x1200 resolution displays.

While a 4K version of the HTC Vive has been in the news and talked about for quite a long time. Previously the company was expected to make this announcement last year during CES 2017, but it was shelved and it was killed off before the show began. Back then the Vive has released 8 months ago, and HTC wanted to build out the ecosystem before going into the technical aspect and improvements.

The company is expected to have a price tag at $599 which comes in at about $200 less than the previous version of the Vive including having the same kit of a couple of controllers, a couple of base stations, and other accessories!

But just not so fast for the happy faces of the VR fans, you need the hardware list in the below image, to enjoy the 4K visuals the model is to offer. The current one only needs a PC that provides support for ‘two screens with 1,080 x 1,200 resolutions each running at 90Hz.’

In accordance with the list, you don’t need updated processors. Any modern laptop or desktop will fulfill the memory requirement. The company has done very well on its promise to grow the ecosystem and part of this is by keeping the barrier of entry as low as possible including cost. Most people are not willing to drop several thousand dollars just to experience VR gaming or TV. While it is interesting most consumers don’t see the value but HTC has taken the helm by keeping the cost to enter the VR market so low that nearly anyone can enter who wants too and that is the key.


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