HP Is now releasing a laptop to fit the rise in their customer demands and that was for an Android Powered laptop. This new laptop is being called the Slatebook and it is meant to match what customers have asked for. The laptop will be released in August and it is going to cost $399.



Weight: 1.7 Kilograms

Thickness: 16 millimeters

Storage: 64 gb

RAM: 2 gb

Processor: Nvidia Tegra 4

Battery Life: approximate nine hours.

Screen Size: 14 inches and it is touch screen.


Useful Information

Yes this is an Android powered laptop, and it will install apps just like your phone would. It will support Skype, and all Android Apps should work. The main thing is that it does have tools built in to allow the apps to appropriate to the screen size. This was an issue fearing developers because it would mean that their Apps would either not work or would not be compatible with the screen. However according to HP they have set some tools in to correct this so the apps should still work just fine.

Why Did HP Choose Android?

There has always been a sort of rivalry between Android and Chrome OS and this main issue was the difference in the coding and capabilities. HP could have gone with Chrome OS but it didn’t and the reason for this is Android is open source. This allows HP to make any modifications that they want while with Chrome OS they had to conform to the standards and rules set by Google. Not only that most people prefer Android to Chrome OS because Chrome OS is your Chrome Browser but as an operating system. It cant handle things like Skype, and a large group of these popular Android Apps, are not web based, don’t support Chrome OS and have no reason to make them compatible with Chrome OS.

HP is going to show off this Laptop at Computex this week as their formal show case of their new line of laptops.


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