When it comes to your social media sites you want to keep your data secure from any scammers and spammers while still allowing your friends to find you. This can be easily done with a few changes to your Facebook privacy and security settings. Our goal is to be able to limit what others can see but allow your friends to still find you, we also want to prevent outside sources such as cookies from tracking certain information on your facebook account. This is a fairly easy task, and afterwards you will have a very secure Facebook account.

Security Settings

Password: You are required to have a Facebook password whenever you sign up for the service, but a lot of people seem to push it off and give themselves easy passwords for the sake of remembering. Well while that is great you need a more secure password and at the bare minimum your password should include 1 Capital letter, letters (any amount), numbers (any amount), and at least 1 special character. This will give the largest array of passwords to guess form. You also need to make sure that it is something that you can remember and the more characters you use the more secure your account is.

Login Notifications: You need to have login notifications turned on and it is recommended to have both email and sms reports on this will alert you at a faster rate and can allow you to monitor if someone is able to get into your account without your permission. Now if you are logging in from a new phone then you will also get a warning but you will know that it is you based on the location that it gives you.

Login Approvals: This is probably the best tool at stopping unauthorized access to your accounts,and this allows Facebook to send you a random code whenever you login from a new device, so if your password fails you the hacker wont be able to get in without the login code.

Code Generator: This is another way that you can protect your account, and this one will be linked to your Google authenticator app and it will require a code from that when you try to log into Facebook from an unknown location.

App Passwords: You can use an app password for certain Facebook apps which I have yet to find a use for, but you use this feature when you are creating an account on another website through Facebook. Since those websites wont be able to receive that Facebook login code then you will have to use these app passwords.

Safe Browsing: Facebook allows you to control whether or not you are using an SSL. Facebook will continue to use the SSL when this feature is turned on and this can prevent snooping from cookies because it is constantly encrypting your connections. You wont be able to use this on certain pages such as apps, but most of the time you will be able to.

Privacy Settings

Who can see my stuff?
Facebook has made it really clear that they are trying to keep everyone’s posts between them and the friends that they have so we want to keep our information away from people that we can’t trust or don’t know. No keep in mind we still want to keep our information shown to possible friends, but we are going to limit it until we approve that friends request with them.
Who Can See Future Posts: You will want to keep this feature set to friends, and the reason is the largest crowd is friends of friends, but there is a good chance that you might not know the people who are reading your posts and therefore you will want only your friends to see them.
Limit The Audience Of Old Posts: So if you did ever share your posts with friends of friends then you can easily fix this by using this feature it will change all of your old posts to friends only, so friends of friends will be blocked entirely.
Who Can Send Me Friend Requests: This is a call that is best left up to doing friends of friends is the most secure, but all can block people that you want to add you. So it might be best for you to leave it to everyone unless you are not planning on adding anymore friends to your account.
What Messages Do I Want Filtered Into My Inbox: You will want this set to strict filtering this will send all messages from none friends into the other box and all of your friends will still be able to contact you. This will prevent unknown people from spamming your inbox, and it still allows you to receive those important messages. 
Who Can Look Me Up: Set it to were only your friends can search for by your email or phone, this will prevent spammers from getting a match if they ever manage to get your phone number or email address. 
Do You Want Search Engines To Link To Your Posts: Turn this feature off and this will prevent your Facebook Posts from becoming public to anyone on the web.
Summary: After all of this configuring your account will be protected from spammers and will be secure from hackers now keep in mind these configurations are very simple to do and will probably take 5 minutes to do, but in the log run it will keep your account more secure from unknown people trying to find you. If you have any questions about how to edit these then please feel free to ask in the comments below.


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