The M86 web filter is an interesting website block used by many schools as a way to prevent students from accessing websites even ones that are popular and safe such as YouTube. Well the block does not necessarily mean you can’t get to the website it means that the connection to it is interrupted if it is recognizing the URL. There are a couple of ways that you can try to reach a blocked website.


1. Try Checking If The Website Has An SSL Certificate.

If the website is like YouTube and it has an SSL certificate than type the url into the search bar like this that s means that you will get access to the encrypted version of the website meaning that the filter can’t read the contents and thus not block it. However if the IP is whats blocked then you will not be able to reach the website through those means.


2. Try A Proxy Server

If you are trying to reach a website then you could try finding a proxy server that works. If you can try setting up a personal website on your home network and then use an open proxy script and then connect to there through the IP or url. This is not free but if you really wanted to you could.


3. Try accessing the website through the IP Address.

Depending on how smart the school or IT professional is he may or may not have blocked it through the IP. So to get the IP of a website open the windows command prompt. Then type in ping and then it will give you the IP Address now just take that number and insert it into your search bar hit enter and it will head to that website.


About The M86 Web Filter

The M86 Web Filter is a program that is meant to protect your computers and to restrict access to many websites. However it was not designed well and it comes with a lot of bugs. It also requires a lot of manual work on the person using it. The M86 Web Filter has had a lot of changes but it is out dated and most schools don’t even bother to update the program. This means that students like yourself are able to get past the block freely now granted there are some sites that this will not work on because of they might not have an SSL certificate but most of the popular sites that you are wanting to get access to will.


If you have any questions about the M86 Web Filter then read this quick article on wikipedia about the company and you will see the issues behind schools using it. Wikipedia


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