You are a student and are trying to access your favorite website, or app and when you go to use it your school probably has it blocked. These settings are placed in by the district and are meant to restrict what websites you have access to in hopes that you will be more productive. However, many of these blocks are plain stupid for instance YouTube. This is a website where most people should have access as it is a great educational source however, you probably can’t so today I will show you how to get past the block on not only your mobile device but your computer as well.

For Your Mobile Device:

What Is The App?
The app is called Hotspot shield as the picture above shows, and it is basically a mobile VPN. This simply means that your phone will use the school to connect to their servers. Then you will serve all of your requests through their server and they send you them back encrypted. As the connection comes back to your school they will receive a bunch of encrypted data and it will not know whether to block it or not and instead will let it pass through. Not only is this good for getting around blocks but it also is more secure and gives you privacy from any potential snoops.

Is The Program Free?

The program and the app are both free while there are some limitations you get the features that you will need in the free version. If you like the program and would be willing to pay for it make sure you do from our friends over there are Anchor Free.

Is This App Secure?
Yes the App is secure it works by encrypting the data that you send and receive to the website you are trying to access. It does protect you while in public WiFi spots but keep in mind that using a proper firewall and antivirus (for your phone as well as your computer) is recommended as you could contract malware from any potentially malicious websites you visit.

What Devices Is It On?
Hotspot shield is supported on Mac’s Windows, Android, and IOS devices. The best part of this is that it is free for all versions while there is no Linux version chances are is that your school is not running on Linux.

For Computers

It can be quite difficult for you to get past the block while on your computer but do not fret when there is a will there is a way. Chances are is you have tried going to Facebook, YouTube, or some other website and you have a pop-up saying that it is being blocked because of some reason. You can try to download and install hotspot onto the school computer and then uninstall it after each session. The school computers are generally on a deep freeze they are then reset to their original state at the end of the day automatically. This would remove traces of the files that you had uninstalled.

However, chances are is that you do not want install a program on the computer. You are able to get around the simple blocks by using a https instead of an http. This means try going to YouTube and instead of an http in the url add an s. This will make your connection to the website encrypted and in most cases will allow you to pass. If it does not work you can try clearing browser cookies, cache, and restarting the browser.

By doing so you should be able to access your favorite websites on your school computers. Keep in mind that the website must have an SSL certificate in order for you to use the https method.


Android Download

Mac Download

IOS Download

Windows Download


  1. It is quite difficult to get past school WiFi blocks but I remember reading a post about this on Ivacy VPN blog about unblocking at school but never tried it as I don’t go to school anymore.

  2. Hello Mr. Scott Harley!

    I am apparently experiencing the same problems as lilly. I opened the app, selected the full feature over the smart. and I pressed start. The app jumps back and forth with the please wait and connecting…Ive restarted my phone and reinstalled the app. Help please

  3. when i try to install the certificate “AnchorFree CA” to the list of trusted certificates, my phone asks for a passcode which I have no idea of, would you please help me? Thankyou! I am using iPhone with the IOS 7.1.1

      • I have an android and I am using my school wifi because my phone doesn’t have service on it (basically an ipod) but it keeps telling me NOT PROTECTED and every time I press start it says PLEASE WAIT… CONNECTING.. but it won’t connect and I’m connected to the wifi at my school.. they blocked kik and I’m trying to get around the stupid block.. help me please


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