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How To Disable Autoptimize’s Toolbar In WordPress


Autoptimize is the most powerful minification plugin on the market and it is by far the most effective (with the exclusion of its HTML minify). That being said one of the most annoying things in regards to the plugin is its use of its admin toolbar.

The toolbar shows the total number of files, the size of the files that it has saved and it allows you to clear the cache from anywhere on the site.

That being said, there is currently no option to disable the toolbar and it clutters your toolbar and doesn’t fit the normal styling of now while their improvements being made to the developer I personally am not a fan of the toolbar. It takes up too much space, and ultimately I don’t use it and most people shouldn’t have to use it in a production based environment.

That being said, the developer has implemented a very simple filter that allows you to disable the toolbar.

// Hide Autoptimize ToolBar

Pate the above code into your functions.php file of your child theme or a site-specific plugin and the toolbar will be removed! Keep in mind, that currently it will still enqueue the Autoptimize JS associated with the toolbar but this appears to be fixed in the upcoming 2.2 version of the plugin (along with several other improvements).

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