If you are using a Blogger based website, chances are is that you are going to run into a speed issue sooner or later. While Blogger is extremely fast as it runs on Google servers, there is a very high possibility that your website is not following the best performance practices.

One of the most common suggestions for any website is to compress your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you have it all inline like most blogger websites do, then it can be rather tricky to compress it properly. However, there is a free tool that can help you compress your Blogger Blog’s HTML. The best tool to compress your HTML is HTML Compressor what you need to do is go into your website, go to the template menu and edit your website HTML.

After you paste the code in and click compress a popup like the one above will appear. This is a form of light HTML compression that was made to prevent breaking Blogger functionality and I recommend all Bloggers using this form of compression.

HTML Compressor Blogger Option

The Blogger option is a lighter form of compression that is optimized to compress Blogger websites specifically. It is used to avoid breaking Blogger’s functionality.

Click change and your code should be compressed properly. Keep in mind, that this is not the most optimized version that your code can get. If you were to take the CSS, JS and run them through YUI Compressor it is more than likely you would find they could optimize it even more. If you want to further compress your JavaScript I recommend using Google’s Closure Compiler which is the best in terms of performance and safety for JavaScript compression.

If you are going to compress the Blogger HTML more than just what HTML Compressor offers, you should avoid compressing any JavaScript or Blogger specific code. Meaning any of the code that is added by Blogger by default, you should avoid compressing or you are more than likely to break website functionality. However, if you manage to compress it properly your website should score much better on the GtMetrix and Google Page Speed tests.


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