Google Chrome our favorite web browser, and Cryptocurrency the giant mess that has taken off in 2017. Inciting confusion and the hand of government regulation is looking down on it especially in China who has blocked Bitcoin exchanges and South Korea who is considering the same thing.

It’s not a known fact that websites need to make money in order to function most do this through advertisements like ours, some do it by running a subscription and a paywall. We have taken a lighter approach to advertisements as we only use those that are banner in nature, we don’t use spammy techniques and we try to keep the load time as fast as possible because that’s what I do to supplement my living as a WordPress developer.

However, there is a new trend that has taken off in 2017 and its cryptocurrency mining within your browser. This is great as some sites are helping people mine to actually earn real coins and credit. However, many are now using it to load a script to use your computer to mine for them when you visit their website. This is by far the most annoying system to ever infiltrate the web, and the website’s using them are the worst of the worst. You can quickly identify sites using this script as your antivirus likely comes up with a flag marking it as malicious. However, if yours doesn’t then there is a way to prevent websites from using your computer to mine coins for them.


How To Block Cryptocurrency Mining With A Chrome Extension

While you can use the Adblock method, this also harms a lot of good website’s who don’t do anything malicious in nature (like our site). You could try using a JS blocker like NoScript but this comes with its own set of issues. However, I found an extension that is truly you set it and forget it.

The extension is dubbed “No Coin” you download the extension turn it on and hide the button and it simply works. To test go to a website that you know is using it like coinhive and after the extension is installed you will still be able to access the website but won’t have to worry about having your computer turned into a miner for some greedy website owner.

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