It is estimated that humans kill approximately 100 million sharks each year. However, the number has been estimated to be over 273 million the fact remains though that the amount of sharks being killed is too high to be sustainable.

Sharks are killed all over the world for various reasons whether it is for their fins to be made into soup or whether it is for them to be a trophy the amount of sharks killed each year is too high. As humans we forget that we came into their ecosystem and are in turn hurting the wildlife that we may adore or fear.

The duty of the strong is to protect the weak. As humans we have a responsibility to protect the wildlife that we look down on not destroy what remains of it.

Sharks were once one of the most feared animals on the planet being on the top of the food chain for their ecosystem but at a time when we are so advanced and structured is this killing really needed?

Take a look at the info graphic below and take a moment to realize what we have come to and then ask yourself does this seem fair.


To answer your question: How Many Sharks Do Humans Kill Per Hour?

The industry for catching sharks and the industry for shark viewing are on two different slopes. While we see the value of catching sharks decreasing the value for those who want to see these creatures in their natural habitat are increasing. Sharks are becoming more and more rare to see and this is something that none of us would hope to happen sharks while scary and intimidating are very useful to their ecosystem and killing them off could cause major issues.

Spread the message so that we can protect the sharks and preserve their environment.


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