The time that you spend in class starting aimlessly off into space as your professor is talking about something that will probably be on the unit test that you will fail so what do you do. Try to balance your pencil on your finger and you run into the issue of you drop the pencil quickly.

This is not entirely your fault as the pencil is doomed to fall in the first place.

The pencil is doomed to fall just because of the air molecules that bounce off of it. However, that

pencilmean that you could sustain a pencil for an extended period of time without it falling down.

This can be done by trying to stabilize the pencil, however you have to keep it balanced by applying the same force in the opposite direction of air molecules. However, since air molecules are moving in all directions and could be battering the pencil constantly you will end up swaying the pencil back and forth and eventually causing it to fall.

Professionals who seem to do tasks like the ones in the above video, actually are performing an illusion while the rock in the picture appears to be only touching the ground at one point. This is simply not true as explained by the video it employs multiple points of contact that give the object more balance than if it were simply touching at one single point.

The acrobatics experts who supported each other on an extremely long pole were able to last a long time while moving. The reason for this as the air molecules are pushing the pole it is still being forced down. For this think of the scenario let’s make the two acrobatics stationary.

Gravity is pulling the acrobatics expert down, and thus his mass is being applied in a negative downward force. If he stood perfectly still in that position the only forces that move the pole would be from the air molecules bouncing off of it. However, in the real world we are not perfectly balanced and we apply our own force to the pencil causing it to move as well. Try and see how long you can balance a pencil on your finger tip.

I last about 1 second… I am not that good but lets see what you can do!



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