Hotspot shield is the most popular VPN on the market, and it is the most trusted of them as well. As companies progress, they have to expand to reach a broader audience, and that is what Anchor Free has done, they have expanded to reach the mobile market, who may need the service more than their desktop counter parts, and there is a good reason behind this.

Hotspot Shield is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that acts as a shield between you and the network that you are on. It works by you connecting to Hotspot shield servers, and then any action that you do on the internet is done through that server and is sent back to you in an encryption, then your phone will decrypt the information, and then you have access to the website that you wanted. Now you may be wondering, “How Does This Work On Public WiFi?” well simple you send the connection on that network, to the Hotspot Shield servers, and now the encryption plays in. While you are on the network all the information from Hotspot Shield will be sent through that network, but it can’t be stored or tracked because the network does not have the key to decrypt the information only your device does.

Hotspot Shield’s mobile app is great because since we are constantly travelling with our phone, and most of us don’t want to rack up our data bill, we connect to wi-fi spots when we can. Now most of us don’t realize the risk that is involved with doing that, because we don’t think that anything will happen, but chances are is that some hacker can get into the network and steal the information. So what do you do? Do you only use data and pay the bill, do you risk the chance of getting your data stolen? Or do you use a free app that can prevent that from happening? I prefer offer three because I get free protection and uncensored internet access which is great for getting past school wifi blocks.

Hotspot Shield’s app is one of the best free Android VPN’s on the market, but it does come with some stipulations. The app does come with ads that will pop up, but they are not Airpush ads which leave those annoying icons on your phones home screen and leaves annoying notifications. There is also a daily bandwidth limit, that way they can prevent their server from being over loaded, but as long as you stick to basic internet browsing, and don’t download tons of files then you should be fine.

The app has amazing functionality, but if you truly  love the app, then you should pay for a subscription which removes the ads, the bandwidth and some added protection inclduing protection from malicious websites. This will also apply to the desktop version, this way you don’t have to buy another subscription.

If you are looking for a free mobile VPN then Hotspot Shield might be the app for you.


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