What Does It Do?
When it comes to proxy and VPN services hotspot shield is one of the largest and most well knowns services. They have established a large trust with their user’s because of their great service and the amount of people using it. The main thing is that they have such a large amount of users that they are almost the go to place for VPN services because of their amount of users. The idea is that the more users they have the more they will get because more people will recommend it. So when it came to popularity they get an extra edge because of their popular mobile VPN service.
Why Do I Need This App?
This app is very useful because it allows you to get pat WiFi blocks and to protect your information on public WiFi. This will make your information safe and harder for a hacker to access. This is key for using public WiFi they need to protect their information from potential hackers especially since they don’t have access to the control settings of their WiFi which means a skilled hacker can gain access this is quite common on public WiFi.  I use the app to protect my resume information, and I have had issues yet. The best part is that the service is free with ads of course, but they are non intrusive and show up rarely. It is also upgradeable yo the pro version which comes with no ads and added protection from malicious sites.

The app might seem to be low on features however the ones that you get are almost necessary especially in a world where our data is constantly trying to be taken by others. So yes it is light on features but the protection that the app provides is exactly why you need it. What do you have to lose from using this app. Not much and then potential gain meaning the protection that you gain is almost invaluable to a person who is in a connected world like ours. If you do decide to go pro you will get the following features
Privacy Protection: View the web anonymously. 
Malware Protection: The app will block known malicious sites so that your device will be safe.
Data Savings: This app can reduce the amount of bandwith and reduce unnecessary data charges.
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