Hackett High School has faced another bomb threat today. The threat set off the school to prompt all students to be removed from the school as police and K9 units were checking the campus for any sign of danger. Unlike the threat yesterday the officers were able to finish the search much more quickly and the students were able to return to class like normal. Most students did not go home in fact many stayed and are continuing the rest of the school day.

This is the second threat that the school has received within the past two days. This is sparking anger, and frustration with students as they are being pulled from class, and having to wait for searches to be completed. Many students are not even worried over the threat but instead are more infuriated that it keeps happening, many of the students are demanding punishment for the people involved.

Hackett is a school that is not commonly known for having bomb threats and the fact that two of them have happened in the past two days is quite concerning. There is little information confirmed on who was involved, whether they were caught, and or the punishments of them.

Any information that is released will be updated as the story develops.


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