Parents are picking up their kids from Hackett High School, and Hackett Elementary after a bomb threat that was found on Wednesday afternoon.

The Hackett Police department had made a notice on their Facebook page that the school was evacuated due to a bomb threat and that the students had been evacuated to a safe place.

The students had been evacuated away from all the building as the staff and the officers on the scene checked the building for any signs of the threat becoming a reality. There were two cars from the Sebastian county police on the scene. No signs were found on the Highschool campus and the students were prompted to return to their 7th hour class for the remainder of the school day.

Students were still being called out even after the threat was called off and most of the students had already left. The Elementary School has been prompted to go to the storm shelter until the school day is over.

The exact origins of the threat are unknown and details are scarce but the story is still developing and there are more details that will be releasing.

If you have any details of the story put them in the comments below and if you are a parent of one of the students attending the school your child is safe.


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