Guild Wars 2 won game of the year by a landslide in 2012 but ever since then the game has been released players have been leaving, and complaining about there being nothing to do. It should take a new player about 1.5 weeks to get max level, with dungeon gear or equivalent. While this is not the end of the game this is where most players begin to lose interest.

Guild Wars 2 has added no content outside of fractals and more grinding ever since the game was released. While the game does have a very dedicated fan base it has never managed to keep a lot of people due to the fact there is nothing to do. A new player will quickly get bored of doing the same things over and over again and shards, that used to be heavily populated, have been reduced to ghost towns.

Kaineg has been the whipping boy of the other shards since launch and it has been reduced to a place void of player interaction. What used to be 100 man sieges are reduced to 5 man skirmishes.

There is currently a lot of speculation about a new update that is coming to Guild Wars 2 such as that it might be an expansion or a major update that will bring new life to the game. However, some players remain skeptic stating that all, it will do, is add 20 more minutes worth of story to a game that has a poorly written story to begin with.

Whatever the update is going to bring players are hoping for something that will bring new life to the game or else there doesn’t seem to be any appeal for players to ever return to this new but aging game.

What are your thoughts on Guild Wars 2 is it dying? Is it still entertaining or is it slowly waning your interest.


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