Amax.8034 a long time player of Guild Wars 2 and UX UI designer has redesigned the user interface and the website for Guild Wars 2. While these designs have not been made (due to a lack of access to the game code) they do highlight and fix a lot of the problems.

Guild Wars 2 has a very poor user interface it is not very colorful, it is clunky, and it is rather annoying to try and find the information that you want. The new user interface, that has been proposed, is big beautiful and looks a lot better than any of the previous user interfaces that Arena Net has made.

Furthermore, the design is so much better that it has prompted forum users to plead Arena Net to higher the designer due to the fact their previous user interface designer has left the company. While there has been no official statement from Arena Net on the design it is clear that the community overwhelmingly enjoys the new design.

If the design is implemented, then it will definitely bring new life into a game that has slowly disappointed its player base.

Here is his creation:



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