The U.S government has been asking Google for more and more content from the search engines. The government has been asked Google received 3,846 requests to remove about 24,000 pieces of content. This is a 68% increase than the same time as last year.


Google also received 93 requests to remove content that was criticising the government, and they only responded to about 30% of those requests. Google gave us an example of these requests and how they reply to them.


“Judges have asked us to remove information that’s critical of them, police departments want us to take down videos or blogs that shine a light on their conduct, and local institutions like town councils don’t want people to be able to find information about their decision-making processes. These officials often cite defamation, privacy and even copyright laws in attempts to remove political speech from our services.”


The requests are not so much about the criticism towards them but the information that is released about them. They also remove videos that might explain how certain cities or agencies function that should not be allowed to be viewed by the general public.


Google, Apple, Twitter, and other tech companies like them are requested to give the government certain information about people or organizations that may be a threat to security, or individual people in ranking permission.


Here is the full transparency report from Google.


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