Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google has put an interesting price on arrogance $500,000,000.

Eric Schmidt discussed in an interview what Google is looking in people that they would want to higher and he mentions that arrogance can come with the biggest price of them all.

He explains to us that arrogance is one of the largest turn offs from potential employees and his reasoning quite simple arrogant people don’t work well on teams. This is sadly true those who are head strong do cause many issues as they feel like the deserve to be the boss or are seeking recognition which causes them to lose sight of the objective.

We would reject somebody who made people feel bad during the interview. The typical way they did that is not by being quiet but by being arrogant. I, me, I, me, this is what I did . . . rather than understanding that they were going to join a corporation. In my first year, I would get phone calls from people that I knew, and they’d say “’I’m the VP at company X and in my career path I need to be a chief operating officer. . . .’ That was always a signal that I should hang up. And by the way, because of the packages we were giving out then, before we went public, those people who did that cost themselves a half a billion dollars in personal wealth. So you want to put a price on arrogance? Okay! Source

The basic idea that Schmidt is trying to get across is that just because you have all this success and skill does not excuse your attitude. If you can’t work well with a team you better be able to do the work of one or else you have no place at Google.



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