Google has a huge advertisement that is taking over Times Square and it might be with us for a long time.

Google has become the main advertiser of this new Mega Billboard which is almost a football field in length and is eight stories tall. The display its self is made up of 24 million pixels and it is the highest resolution screen of its size in the world.

Using Google’s new app Androidify you will be able to create your own Android character and have it play around on the screen. This will last from Monday through Tuesday so if you havent already checked this out you need to.

Luckily for those of us who don’t live near Times Square you can still submit your character to appear on the big screen. If your character does appear on the big screen Google will send you an email of your character on the screen.

Google is using this new massive billboard to promote its most popular products including the Nexus devices, Android Wear, Chrome and many more.

The company is also planning to share its media space with six non-profit organizations and one projected that Google is involved in.

There is no confirmed cost for the billboard or the advertising on the billboard as of yet. But here’s a hint if you have to ask its probably too expensive.


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